How To Buy Renewable Power

Why Go For Renewable Power

It's clean, it's unlimited and it's cheaper. These are just some of the reasons why you should buy electricity generated from renewable energy. If you check, a website run by the Texas state government, you'll find that some of the cheapest plans offered are those that are 100% generated from renewable energy. When you buy renewable power, you not help increase the amount of renewable energy used statewide, you also contribute to Texas reaching its renewable energy goals. The state's target is to generate 10,000 MW by 2025, including generation of 500 megawatts of non-wind capacity.

What's best about renewable energy is that you can generate it yourself. Technology has now afforded households the option to install their own solar panels to generate electricity. But this is not the only Distributed Renewable Generation (DRG) equipment available for you. DRG refers to equipment that are used to generate electricity from renewable energy sources, such as solar power, wind power, and even biomass energy, with a maximum output capacity of not more than 2 MW.

Another great thing about DRG is that you can even sell any excess electricity you might generate from your equipment. If you want to install a DRG at your house, you would need to get an interconnection agreement with your local transmission and distribution utility (TDU). If you live in a regulated area where electricity service is provided by utilities other than electricity cooperatives or municipally-owned utilities, the Public Utility Commission of Texas requires the utility to purchase DRG power put into the grid at the "avoided cost" rate. However, if you live in a deregulated electricity area where Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) are in competition, you should sell to your electricity service provider. If you feel that you can get a better deal than what your service provider is offering, you can definitely look for other options. You can simply log on to to check out better offers and deals from reliable electricity providers. You can then contact the provider you potentially would switch to, to inquire about their offers for buying DRG power.